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No matter what ... Living in perspective - 6 pm 9/6/19
James Dwyer
Paul lived his life with a specific perspective: God’s perspective. And on Pentecost Sunday, we look at how it is a Spirit-filled life that enables us to gain that perspective.
Living in perspective
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The Church Jesus prayed for: Power - 9.30 & 11.15 am 9/6/19
Dan Heyward
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Pentecost: an invitation to know God ‘for real’ - 8 am 9/6/19
Godfrey Stone
Pentecost is the church’s celebration of, and witness to, the ‘wonders of God’ as seen in Jesus. As we pray the liturgy, we also reflect on what Jesus offers - not least to replace our earthly fears with His heavenly peace
Know God for real
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From surgeon to vicar (Men's Breakfast 8/6/19)
James Kennedy
At our June Men’s Breakfast, James Kennedy, vicar of St Mary’s Chipping Norton, shares his story.
From surgeon to vicar
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No matter what ... Living in partnership - 6 pm 2/6/19
Dan Heyward
Living in partnership
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The People of God: the community of the Holy Spirit - 11.15 am 2/6/19
Donald Hay
Donald explores the characteristics of the early church after Pentecost: a people called by God; united in practices of learning, sharing and worshipping; and with the purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus to others. They were an attractive community 'in favour with all the people', and that gave an opportunity for the good news to be heard. These characteristics, adjusted for our culture and circumstances, provide a model for our life in St Andrew's.
Community of the Holy Spirit
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  • Recorded: 02/06/2019
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  • Reference: Acts 2:36-47
Unity - 8 am 2/6/19
Paul White
Unity stems from our participation in God and is for our proclamation of Him.
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James Dwyer
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A story worth living: wise and foolish builders - 6 pm 26/5/19
Dan Heyward
Wise and foolish builders
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  • Recorded: 26/05/2019
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  • Reference: Matthew 7:24-27
The Church Jesus prayed for: Protection - 9.30 & 11.15 am 26/5/19
Paul White
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