There are a myriad number of ways to serve others during this time. First and foremost, please take note of the government advice. Only leave your house if it is really necessary – for most of us, the greatest good we can do is to stay at home and pray.

However, there are on occasions things going on that we want to make you aware of, so that you can volunteer to participate and help if you and others in your household have no symptoms of the virus, and if you are not in the high risk category (over 70, with an existing underlying health condition, or pregnant). Under the current guidelines, no-one should leave their home without “reasonable excuse.” The items below fit within the categorization of “reasonable excuse” as “providing care or assistance to a vulnerable person.”
Specific projects that where the church has been asked to help

National Schools Breakfast Programme is organising delivery of food for children who were receiving free school meals. Once a fortnight there will be a giant delivery which then needs delivering to 300 families. Deliveries will mainly be in Blackbird Leys, Rose Hill and Greater Leys. We are delivering on Monday mornings. Contact if you could help.

Leaflet deliveries in Wood Farm (south of Headington). Availability request found here 

Local organisations providing help

Oxford Hub and Oxford Together – – this is the main volunteer forum within Oxford City, bringing together council and voluntary organisations. You can sign up here.

The Porch charity on Magdalen Road, Oxford, are looking for volunteers to help with their food distribution to homeless clients. Please contact Jon, Porch Director, via email:

Oxford Mutual Aid – see “Oxford Covid-19 Mutual Aid” page on Facebook 

National organisations

NHS: Provide help to the NHS as a volunteer at