Advent Resources

There is lots of good stuff available to help make Advent a time of spiritual preparation for Christmas amidst the hurly burly of our physical preparations.

Here are a few resources that I have read and recommend:
Christmas through the Keyhole - Luke's glimpses of Advent
by Derek Tidball
I came across this book very recently and have only had time
to read some of the reflections. Tidball walks us slowly through the songs of Mary, Zechariah, the angels and finally Simeon in Luke’s
gospel. The reflections have been easy to read, heart-warming but challenging too.
‘Acclaimed writer and conference speaker Derek Tidball leads
us through these songs, demonstrating the gracious purposes
of God that they celebrate in the birth of Jesus Christ.
Christmas through the Keyhole is sure to turn Advent into a
time of gratitude and worship as we think through these songs afresh.’
Available here for £6-99 (£5-83 kindle version):
The One True Story – Daily Readings for Advent from Genesis to Jesus
This is a great book that reminds us that Christmas doesn’t come ‘out of the blue’. That first ‘Christmas’ was the culmination of hundreds of years of preparation.
Tim Chester guides us through some of the key stories, promises, themes and events of the Old Testament and shows how they all find their fulfilment and true meaning in the birth of Jesus.
Reading this book helps us to marvel again at the one true story of the Bible and, more so, the baby of Bethlehem. It reminds us too that Jesus is the cornerstone of that story, which is also “the plotline for the rest of your life…”
Available for £3-99 here:
In Touch With God: Advent Meditations On Biblical Prayers
This engaging book is written by long-time member of St Andrew’s Michael Green and his wife Rosemary. They have written very accessible, but thought provoking, reflections on some of the great prayers of scripture.
‘Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Mary . . . This sequence of twenty-five inspiring meditations looks at how our forebears in faith turned to God, both in times of trouble and times of joy and celebration.’
It is the Archbishop of York’s Advent Book for 2017 no less!
Available through amazon and most book sellers £7-99 ish although I notice the kindle version is currently £2-84.
ADVENTure – Family Devotions
I thought this was really family friendly and flexible. Short reflections and little activities to accompany them.
“This set of 26 devotions is for families to do at home together.  Reflection on key scripture passages for the advent season, exploring God’s master plan for restoring relationship with us humans!  Simple activities and prayers means it is easily accessible and engaging – even if you just have a few minutes together.”
This can be downloaded FREE and is available here:
The Christmas Promise Giant Colouring Poster
Here’s a great resource for everyone from toddler to 99! A large Christmas promise poster that can be coloured in bit by bit creating opportunities to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Or use it to hold the attention of younger one’s while using a different resource for the reflection.
“A great present for parents, godchildren, and anyone who can hold a pencil/crayon/paintbrush - hang it on the wall, use it as a table cloth or spread it out on the floor for some creative fun over the Christmas holidays.”
Available for £4-99 here:


Jules Hodges, 29/11/2017