New to church?

A very warm welcome to St Andrew's. If you are new to us, you've done the right thing by finding our website! Here you can get information on services, small groups, ways to serve, and what the church believes, among many other things.
We recommend that you make yourself known to the welcome team by filling in a bookmark that are in the Bibles in the back of the chairs in church. They can then be placed in the welcome box in the parish room at the “Welcome Point”. We can then be in contact with you to invite you to a newcomers' event.
At a church the size of St Andrew's, you'll see so many new faces every week that it can be hard to feel you belong until you've joined a smaller group within the church. There are small groups for every need, meeting all over Oxford. Speak to the clergy or someone at the welcome point after the services for more information. The welcome teams have bright orange lanyards so you can spot them.
There will be parts of this website that you're unable to access until you've registered, so we encourage you to register as soon as you decide to make St Andrew's your home church.
We really hope that you soon feel at home here at St Andrew's, and we look forward to meeting you!

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