House Groups

House groups are small groups of people (around 8-12) who meet together in homes throughout Oxford for Bible study, discussion, prayer and support in the Christian life.
We want our small groups to be places of deepening discipleship, authentic community and loving pastoral care that results in long-term, lasting spiritual growth. Our prayer is that by these means our small groups will contribute greatly to the fulfilling of our overall vision to 'Grow God’s family'.

We want our small groups to be places where there is enough trust that we can go beyond the superficial and get to the struggles of faith and/or life that we all have so that we can speak the gospel of grace into each other’s real lives. In this way we will be able to walk alongside each other in life as Christian brothers and sisters, facilitating discipleship and drawing each other on in the way of Christ.
There are about 25 groups which meet on different evenings. They generally meet once a week during term time, but not in the week of the first Monday each month. There are also day time groups. Everyone is welcome to join a group.



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Current House Groups

If you are interested in joining a house group take a look through the list below. If you find a group you would like to join please contact Paul White using the form above.

Monday Evenings
Tuesday Evenings
Wednesday Evenings
Thursday Mornings
Thursday Evenings
Friday Mornings


Monday 7:30pm-9:30pm (alternate weeks)

Point of contact: Matthew and Judi Banks
Location: Various (Kidlington to Headington)
Programme: Various, often topic led.
Pattern of meeting: Food & conversation, learn, discuss, pray.
Vision: Through friendship and community, and by study and the leading of the holy Spirit, to become more Christlike.

Monday 8pm-9:30pm (alternate weeks)

Leaders: Alistair and Rosie Booth.
Location: Cumnor Hill
Programme: We follow the church programme for two terms per year.
Pattern of meeting: 

Monday 8pm-10pm (1st, 3rd and 5th of the month)

Leaders: Sarah and Martin Burton, Catherine and Andrew Dilnot.
Location: North Oxford
Programme: We follow the church programme for two terms per year.
Pattern of meeting: Meet 8pm for coffee, then study 8.30-9.30pm followed by prayer 9.30-10pm.
Vision: To study the Bible, worship and pray in order to encourage one another and equip ourselves to live out our faith in all aspects of our lives, and to support a St Andrew's mission partner.


Tuesday Evenings

Leaders: Richard and Rebecca Ekins
Location: Waterways
Pattern of meeting: Prayer and Bible study.
Vision: To enable members to grow as Christians by meeting weekly for fellowship, friendship and Bible study.

Tuesday 7:45pm

Leader: David Cundy
Location: Wolvercote
Pattern of meeting: Coffee, worship, Bible study, prayer
Vision: Mutual support, helping one another to deepen our faith, support for our mission partners, relating to the local community.

Tuesday 7:45pm-9:30pm

Leaders: David and Anne Allen
Location: Rotate round members' homes
Programme: Programme is decided by discussion within the group and each week’s meeting is led by members in turn.
Pattern of meeting: 7:45pm for coffee/tea, 8pm welcome, opening prayer then Bible study for approx one hour followed by sharing prayer needs and prayer. End promptly at 9:30pm. One or two social events each term.
Vision: To support and encourage each other. To study Scripture and help each other to apply it in our daily lives. To be faithful in prayer for each other, for those known to us who are in particular need and to pray for our church community.

Tuesdays (Alternate Weeks) 7pm-9:30pm

Leaders: Bruce and Julia Fairbairn.
Location: Summertown.
Pattern of meeting: Meet for supper at 7pm followed by prayer and Bible study 8-9:30pm.

Programme: Following the church programme.

Tuesday  7.45pm -9.30pm

Leaders: Rachel Boswell and Claire Lewis
Location: North Oxford
Programme: We follow the church programme.
Pattern of meeting: Refreshments, worship, Bible study and prayer.
Vision: To support and encourage each other in spiritual growth and discipleship and to uphold each other and the wider church community in prayer.


Wednesday 8pm - 'BFG'

Leaders: Lesley Dentry
Location: Cutteslowe and North Oxford.
Programme: Following the church programme.
Pattern of meeting: Tea and posh biscuits from 7:45-8pm. Study and prayer from 8-9:15pm. People are welcome to come for just the study time, or to hang around before and after as they wish.
Vision: A friendly group focused on feeding on God's word and praying for one another. The group plans to be a way for busy younger people to still get fellowship without taking a whole evening so people are welcome just to come for the core hour of study and prayer or stay around longer.

Wednesday 8pm

Leaders: David Wright and Joyce Francois
Location: Houses of members, mostly in North Oxford
Pattern of meeting: Bible Study 8:15pm-9:05pm. Prayers til 9:30pm, coffee. We span a wide age group. We give room for members to develop their gifts. We share leadership in the studies and anyone is encouraged to lead. We reflect the St Andrew’s motto of ‘growing Christians’, and indeed our group has gone on to lead groups themselves. We are exceptionally pastoral, sharing hospitality during our meetings and meeting often for social events. We care. Our missionary commitment is to the exciting work in Kumasi, Ghana, led by Joyce’s brother and sister-in-law.
Vision: To be a place where we learn together, pray together, and pastor one another.

Wednesday 8pm (once a fortnight)

Leader: Cathy Ross
Location: North Oxford
Pattern of meeting:
Vision: We prayerfully read books that broaden our spirituality. Most of the group have been Christians for sometime, and want to ponder and reflect on some of the deep issues of faith.

Wednesday 8pm-10pm

Leaders: Jeremy Gibbons and Margaret Lamb
Location: North Oxford & Marston

Programme: We follow the church’s suggested study for the Autumn and Spring Term, and one of our own choice for the Summer Term. We try to have one social each term, either Sunday lunchtime or Wednesday evening in place of a study. 

Pattern of meeting: Typically coffee/tea, sharing and prayer followed by study.
Vision: The group works as a co-operative with no formal leader: we share responsibilities between members and take turns leading studies. We meet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to learn from God's word together and share in prayer and support and friendship. We hope to help and encourage each other to be outward focused in serving Christ and the needs of those around us both locally and further afield.

Wednesday 8pm

Leaders: Rohaise Low 
Location: Wheatley area
Programme: As with St Andrew’s. Biblically based.
Pattern of meeting: Worship, study, discussion, prayer.
Vision: For Bible study and mutual support. A heartfelt passion to reach our communities.

Thursday 10am-Noon - Women's Group

Leaders: Judy Rous, Sally Styles and Rita Bevan
Location: Contact one of the group leaders for details of where we are meeting.
Programme: We generally follow the church's fellowship programme for 2 terms and choose our own programme for the third term.
Pattern of meeting: Start with coffee, study the passage, share praise and prayer requests, then pray for what we have learnt from the passage plus the prayer requests. Once a term we may have a special prayer focus.
Vision: to encourage women in their walk with Christ, to be challenged and encouraged by God's Word, to support and befriend one another and to reach out to the world around us. Together we make sandwiches for the Gatehouse guests once a month and occasionally hold events for our non-Christian friends. Approximately once a term we hold a purely social event.

Thursday 10am - Noon - Women's Group

Group Coordinators: Diana Briggs and Carolyn McCrum  
Location: North Oxford
Programme: When available we follow the suggested studies. At other times we vary the programme to have a balance of OT, NT and thematic studies. We try to have at least one meeting a term which is more reflective eg a retreat, prayer morning or communion. In addition we hold occasional social events such as a meal or an outing. Once a month we make sandwiches for the Gatehouse. We support 2 mission partners in prayer (Pastor Yatta Samura and Tim Curtis).
Pattern of meeting: 20 minute arrival, coffee and socializing, 10 min worship, 1 hour Bible study, 30 minute prayer.
Vision: To support one another in our lives and spiritual journeys, being an encouragement, support and challenge to one another, in order to grow more Christlike.

Thursday 10:30am (except first Thursday 10:30am for Holy Communion, and 12:30pm Lunch Club days)

Leaders: Maurice Wright
Location: St Andrew's Church
Pattern of meeting: Bible reading, talk and discussion with time of sharing and prayer.
Vision: To deepen faith.

Thursday 7:45pm-9:45pm

Leaders: Anne Maxfield and Neil Laws
Location: Headington
Programme: Bible studies and discussions. Sharing our individual journeys with one another.
Pattern of meeting: Most weeks we meet for Bible study and to pray for each other and for others. We also have a social evening once or twice a term.
Vision: A mixture of members including several couples with young and older children but also single people. We meet in central Headington and there is some geographical bias towards Headington/Cowley but some members live in other parts of Oxford and outside Oxford.

Thursdays (Alternate Weeks)

Leaders: Simon and Jenny Horobin
Location: Kidlington.
Programme: Generally follow church programme.

Thursday 8pm - Men's Group

Leader: Stuart Judge
Location: Farmoor
Programme: Currently following the church programme
Pattern or meeting: Study and discussion of Bible, prayer and mutual support over coffee and drinks.
Vision: Encourage one another to follow our Master more closely

Thursday 7pm-9:30pm

Leader: Brian Zhang and Ruth Fong
Location: Cutteslowe/ Marston
Programme: We follow the church programme
Pattern of meeting: We have a meal together, followed by a Bible study and prayer, with occasional socials
Vision: We are a group of 20s and 30s. who want to be refreshed by God through His word, to refresh each other through prayer and conversation, so we can refresh the world with the good news about Jesus.

Friday 9am-11am - Women's Groups

Leaders: Joyce Francois, Sue Jackson, Brenda MacRitchie, Aki Olver, Alison Massara, Louise Milford and Sara Jones
Location: North Oxford
Programme: The two groups follow the Study material from St Andrews church, and  finds its own material from the Good Book Guide / Lifebuilder or other resources.
Pattern of meeting: Coffee served from 9.00-9.30 am where the two groups meet together to catch up and chat, before moving into their separate study groups to pray and study the Bible, ending by 11 am.
Vision: The group has benefited from receiving new members joining from the church and has evolved into two distinct groups which meet in the same home, but in two rooms. Each group has the chance to decide on their own style and programme, whilst being part of the bigger group for social events and other activities where we have sought to bring friends and neighbours into our community. The groups seek to follow Jesus in His teachings from the Bible, and try to extend this practically in the care of each other in the group and beyond.

Friday 9am-11am - Women's Groups

Leaders: Caroline Turnbull 
Location: We meet in each others’ homes. Contact one of the group leaders for details of where we are meeting.
Programme: We generally follow the church's house group programme for 2 terms and choose our own programme for the third term.
Pattern of meeting: We meet for coffee and catch up from 9-9:30am.  We then have our Bible study which is followed by prayer requests and prayers.  We end by 11am
Vision: We are a group from ages 30+-60+ years of age. Some of us are mums with school aged and older children. We are committed to learn more of how we can walk closer to God and grow in our love and knowledge of Christ to serve Him better each day.  We support a St. Andrew’s mission partner through prayer and sending letters and gifts, and we support the homeless by making sandwiches for the Gatehouse project.  We support and serve one another in prayer and action, demonstrating the love of Christ.  At the end of term we gather for a social event.