Archive of previous events

Whenever possible, recordings are made of the talks. Those marked * are available online. For others, please enquire through the church office.
Autumn, 2004: Andrew Briggs and Ross McKenzie – introduction to science and faith issues - limits of science and understanding the creation stories 
Spring, 2005: AB and RM – Nanotechnology
Summer 2005: Stephen and Katherine Blundell – The Big Bang
Autumn 2005: Andrew Steane
Autumn 2005: Day conference: Issues of Life and Death: Martin Foley (Abortion), Robin Gill (Euthanasia and Assisted Dying), Patrick Dixon (Brave New World)
Spring 2006: Denis Alexander – Design in Biology for the 21st century
Summer 2006: Alister McGrath - Has biology eliminated God? Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and the meaning of life
Autumn 2006: Graeme Finlay – Human genetics and the image of God
Autumn 2006: Colin Humphreys – Miracles
Spring 2007: Martin and Margot Hodson – Climate Change – a theological and practical response.
 Summer 2007*: Stuart Judge – Heart, soul and mind: a neuroscientist's reflections on biblical anthropology
Autumn 2007: Rodney Holder – Multiple universes in cosmology - a substitute for God?
Spring 2008*: Donald Hay – Climate Change – a Christian response to the Stern review.
Spring 2008: Debate between Evan Harris, MP and Dr Andrew Ferguson of CMF on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill
May 2008*: Wendy Quay - Evil, Suffering and a God of Love
July 2008*: Cees Dekker - Science and Religion – looking beyond Flatland
Nov 2008*: Andrew Briggs - "And information became physical"
Feb 2009*: Denis Alexander - Creation or evolution: do we have to choose?
May 2009*: Ard Louis - A Christian Approach to Biological Complexity
October 2009*: Stan Rosenberg - Augustine, Galileo and the Duchess – Augustine’s contribution to understanding the Bible and science.
March 2010*: Paul Ewart - The necessity of Chance 
June 2010*: Lionel Tarassenko - From artificial intelligence to artificial consciousness - can we build conscious machines?
June 2010: Jeff Schloss - Believers by nature? Emerging biological accounts of relgious faith.
Sept 2010*: Daniel Murdiyarso - Climate change and biodiversity in Indonesia
Nov 2010*: Simon Conway Morris - If evolution is predictable what are the implications?
May 2011*: Justin Barrett - Why would anyone beleive in God? A scientific account for the prevalence of religious belief.
June 2011*: Ernest Lucas - Genesis and Science
Oct 2011: Colin Humphreys - The Mystery of the Last Supper: Reconstructing the Final Days of Jesus
Apr 2012: Stuart Judge - The Neuroscience of Faith
June 2012: Russell Cowburn - A Christian Perspective on Nanotechnology
Feb 2013: Andrew Briggs, Andy Gosler and Symon Stevens - panel discussion following performances of Murray Watts' play, "Mr Darwin's Tree"
June 2013: George Ellis - Emergence, Top Down Causation and Reductionism
October 2013: Joint event with GCU: Sarah Coakley - Evolutionary Altruism and its Meanings: Evolution, Games and God
March 2014*: Joint event with Ian Ramsey Centre: Hans Halvorson - Does the Universe need God? (recording will be uploaded on Ian Ramsey website,
May 2014: Andrew Steane, Stuart Judge and Tom Price - panel discussion following James Cary's play "The God Particle"
October 2014: Alister McGrath - "Conflict or Mutual Enrichment? Why science and theology need to talk to each other."
November 2014: Malcolm Jeeves (St Andrews), Sam Berry (UCL), Alister McGrath (Oxford), Tom McLeish (Durham), Elaine Storkey (London) and Bishop Richard Cheetham (Kingston) - Anniversary Conference: Celebrating 70 years of Christians in Science. A Christians in Science Day Conference (talks are available on the Christians in Science website
April 2015: Ruth Bancewicz (Faraday) and Bob Sluka (A Rocha), "God in the Lab - How Science Enhances Faith"