Your PCC

Your Parochial Church Council is elected by the congregation (at least those who are on the Electoral Roll and attended the Annual Parochial Church Meeting!).

It has various legal duties but in essence exists "to promote in the parish the whole mission of the Church". Its job description is contained in the Synodical Government Measure 1969 which amended the Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956 (No.3).

Serving on the PCC ideally requires a high degree of commitment and also a willingness to learn about the church's work. It involves trying to work out what God wants for His church. Above all it involves having a desire to serve the church and to see it prosper.

Your PCC members are:


Dan Heyward (Vicar)

Paul White
Simon Potter
Elizabeth Pitkethly
Jonny Vaughan
James Robson

Church Wardens

Conrad Dirckx
Ann Johnson

Elected Members of PCC

John Ashmore
Judi Banks
Rachel Boswell
Sarah Burton
Anne Clayton
Liam Cuttell
*Andrew Down (PCC treasurer)
Kevin Francois
* Judy Harvey
Viv Hichens
Ian Jones
Vicky Lavy
* Tim Rous
David Saffin
Simon Sellars
Mark Smith
Pamela Stanworth (PCC secretary)
*Sally Styles
*Andy West

(* Deanery Synod member)

If you are a member of St Andrew's Church you can view information about the PCC Working Groups.

If you are a member of the PCC you can click here to be taken to the PCC Business Page.