Worship Bands

02 jonny worshipSung worship at the 0930 and Evening Services are generally led by a contemporary worship band.  There is a wide pool of singers and musicians who are involved in either one or both of the services. At the heart of this pool are two groups of people who are committed to being involved in regularly leading worship at one particular service or the other.  There is a rota that is prepared in advance according to people's availability.

The 0930 band meet once a month for a mixture of rehearsing, jamming, praying and sharing, either in church or in the home of a band member.  They also meet at 0830 before each 0930 service to setup, soundcheck, and rehearse.

The Evening Service band meet before every evening service at 4pm for setting up, soundchecking and rehearsal. We also aim to get people together for some time midweek time occasionally too...