Science and Faith at St Andrew's

Science and Faith at St Andrew's is a group for everyone interested in making sense of how science and Christian faith interact.  Each evening is led by a professional who has expertise or a special interest in the topic and who is also a Christian. The meetings are open to all who are interested - no expert knowledge is assumed although we try to appeal to both the complete lay person as well as the professional. 
Our group is informally affiliated with Christians in Science ( which is a registered charity and a member of the Evangelical Alliance. Information about Christians in Science and how to become a member is available on each evening, including free introductory membership for bona fide students. We also have information about forthcoming events as well as about new books on science and faith issues.
Events are held about once a term, either at St Andrew's or other local venues. During the building of the church extention, we will be meeting at various location in the University, often with other groups with similar interests.   

For more information or to be added to the mailing list, click here.  For updates and latest news, follow us at (please note lower case "i" in CiS).





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Christians in Science - a group for professional scientists, students and others interested in science/faith issues. A great resource of articles and information on Science and Christian Faith


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IAN RAMSEY CENTRE FOR SCIENCE AND RELIGION:  regular talks during term time on various issues of science and faith,

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