Moore College Course

What is it?

The Moore College Correspondence course is a study of the Bible, basic doctrine and some church history. The course was developed by the staff of Moore Theological College, an Anglican college in Sydney. In the UK, it is administered by The Good Book College in London.

Who is it for?

The Course is for anyone of any age who wishes to study the Bible in depth and explore some of the big issues of our faith. It is particularly helpful to anyone leading Bible Studies, for example in fellowship groups, youth groups, children's classes and other small groups. Or perhaps you have been through an Alpha course and are looking for more in-depth study and discussion.

What is studied?

The course is in ten-week modules on subjects such as a Bible Overview, Mark's Gospel, Romans, Reformation Church History and Doctrine.  It is possible to do just one module - for example, the Bible Overview is an excellent introduction to Moore Course - and then you can see if you wish to continue with further study.  

What commitment is involved?

Each person is sent a study book and works through the study material each week (3 to 5 hours of self study). Those doing the same module then meet together once a week to discuss the material and encourage each other. These group sessions are either breakfast meetings on a Saturday morning or an early evening meeting. There is an optional exam at the end of each module or a course work option, leading to a Certificate in Theology.  However, many find that working through the study material without committing to exams or course work is also very helpful.  

How can I find out more?   

There are leaflets on the Welcome desk with more information.  Please contact us below if you are interested.   

Please click here to visit the Moore website for further details.  


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