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We are working right now on a new, more attractive and helpful website, so do check back here soon
But meanwhile, here’s the story so far …
We are looking forward to replacing the Southside cabin with a permanent building, fit for a 21st century, thriving church. The Jubilee extension will run the length of the south side of the church, on 2 storeys. It will provide a decent sized hall, a well-equipped kitchen and a series of flexible meeting rooms of various sizes and configurations. The new nursery will be an attractive place for our youngest children to play safely, and our youth will have their own dedicated space.
We are also re-configuring the welcome area, and building a more elegant formal entrance under the west window.

Progress with
fund-raising for the Jubilee Project - January 2012

If you missed the helpful presentation in church about our progress with fund-raising, or if you would just like a reminder, view the funding presentation here.

  Finance Update: We thank God that the total money pledged and given to the Jubilee Project to the end of January was £1,646,112.

Pledging Your Gift for the Jubilee Project

What to do now:

If you haven't yet pledged, please complete the pledge document and standing order forms as soon as possible. The forms are in the Jubilee Brochure which is available at the back of church.

If you have already pledged but not activated your standing order, please do so as soon as possible by e-mailing or contacting Annette Williamson.

If you have already done both, please consider increasing your pledge from 3 to 5 years: simply e-mail Annette and say you wish to increase your pledge from 3 to 5 years.
You can contact Annette using 01865 314842 or by email using annette.williamson@standrewsoxford.org

Let's do it - now!

** Do you pay your Council Tax monthly?? **

If you pay your Council Tax monthly, then February and March are “payment holiday” months. So how about giving your usual amount to the Jubilee Project instead, just for those months?
You can leave your cheque in the Jubilee Project collection box at the back of church, or hand it in to the church office.

The new fund-raising phase of the Jubilee Project - December 2012

With the start of the Advent season, we launched the fund-raising Phase 2 of the Jubilee Project, with news about the project, the plans, progress so far and special events.
An exhibition in church showed the building plans, with a new video to visualise the interiors and help us catch the vision of how the variety of exciting new spaces could be used in our church family life.

**  Watch the video here (links to an unlisted video in YouTube)  **

**  View the display banners here  **
**  Look at the floor plans here  **
**  Read the brochure here  **
**  Read the letter from the Vicar about the Jubilee Project  **
**  Print your copy of the giving forms (including pledge form and bank standing order form) from the brochure  **

Project Information Documents Go Out to Tender - November 2012

Our architects sent out the information pack on 23rd November, that specifies the project for building contractors to compete to tender. So if you have pledged to give financially to the Jubilee Project, do please activate your standing order or gift now.

Plans and drawings - September 2012

The architects and the Jubilee Building Project Group have been working on the designs and plans for the extension to the south of the church.
Look at the latest versions of the plans and drawings (click a title to see the drawing; opens a PDF):

0419_B_200A floor plan of the church and rooms at ground level
0419_B_201A floor plan of the upstairs rooms
0419_B_202A floor plan of basement below one end of the extension
0419_B_203A plan of the roofs from above
0419_B_204A views of the outside, from the east and from Northmoor Road
0419_B_205A views of the outside, from the south side and from Linton Road
0419_B_206A a vertical cut through the extension (from side to side)
0419_B_209A view of the whole building from above
0419_B_210A vertical cuts through the extension (from front to back)


News from the Jubilee Project Group

The plans for building an extension along the south side of the church are moving on and taking shape! We are so aware of the urgent need to make room for meetings and children’s work and staff and storage and catering and fresh activities … and … and … . But our God is “able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20).

The Special Interest Groups have been working faithfully during the summer, each making recommendations in their area for the catering, youth & children, accessibility, gardens, staff offices, IT & audio, sustainability and plenty more.

The PCC continues to scrutinise the project, and their decision to start any work will require two things: we need a permission document called a Faculty from the diocese, and we need to show that we have enough funds. Many church members have already generously committed to support the Jubilee Building Project financially which is a real encouragement and practical help. Listen out to hear much more about fund raising through the autumn.

Jubilee Project Pledge Pack

The next stage is to raise 75% of the funds, either in cash or pledges. We need to do this before building work can commence. There will be a pledge week from Sunday, May 27th to Sunday, June 2nd 2012.  Please now:

  1. Pray for us to raise the capital that we need.

  2. Download the pledge pack here, and prayerfully consider how you can be a part of this.

  3. Download the "small print" document that accompanies the pledge pack.


Thank God - Planning Permission for the new building - May 2012

The PCC is delighted to announce that we have received Planning Permission for the building, from Oxford City Council. We thank God for the process going so smoothly. We have also received first-stage Permission from the Diocesan Advisory Committee.


"Jubilee" – the new name for the Building Project

The new church extension now has a name: the Jubilee Project.

This reminds us of the “Jubilee of the Lord” in Old Testament times: every 50 years, that is after seven Sabbath years, God’s people held the Jubilee year, to thank God for his care for them and to proclaim freedom and forgiveness (Leviticus 25). Jesus said he came to “proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind; to set free the oppressed and announce that the time has come when the Lord will save his people" (Luke 4 v17b-19).

That is what Jubilee was all about. That is what we want to be happening, here in North Oxford, through this new project.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting - April 2012

The Architects and the Building Project Group spoke at the APCM, reporting the work done during the year and outlining the next steps. View the architects' slides and the Building Project Group presentation (with amended figures). The walk-through video was also shown.


Background to the Planning Application - April 2012

Part of our application to the City Council for planning permission includes an explanation of the life of the church and why we believe this extension is needed. This is called the "Design & Access Statement", and it gives a wide-ranging account of the project. It includes answers to many questions that people are asking about the project, including some history of the church building, the variety of community engagement over the past two years and environmental & sustainability aspects.

This month would be a good time to look at this document, and find out about this background information. You will find it at the Council's public website, or download the D&A Statement here.


Applying for Planning Permission - March 2012

The Building Project Group are delighted to announce that we have submitted our plans for a church annexe, at the Oxford City Council Planning Department; we expect a decision in May. Our reference number at the City Council’s Planning website is 1844791 or 12/00565/FUL.


You can look at the plans here: Ground floor plans / First floor plans / Views of W & E ends / Views from S and N / Roof plan and Sections / Landscaping / Design & Access Statement . The “Design & Access Statement” shows that our proposals are based on a robust design process and explains how the local context has influenced the final design.

You can see the architects' presentation to the PCC or watch a "walk-through" video, illustrating how the proposed extension might look.


Our architects, MEB Design, have continued working on the plans, consulting with the Staff, congregation, neighbours, VAT expert, DAC (Diocese) and numerous outside agencies.

This is an exciting stage of the project and we would encourage everyone to prayerfully consider what God is saying to them in response to the needs of the Building Project. More details to follow in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, if you have questions or comments, then please contact one of the Building Project Group members (or care of the Parish Office).

The group is: Tim Rous (Church Warden and Chair), Alistair Booth (Lead and PCC member), Rosemary Alexander, Michael Crofton-Briggs, Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Johnson, Pamela Stanworth (PCC member), and Annette Williamson (Operations Support Manager).


Open Days - January 27th and 28th

At the public Open Days, the architects and members of the Building Project Group talked to visitors about the proposals for our extension.

You can look at the proposals here:

Display boards giving some background of the project

Simulation of the new corner entrance

Simulation of the concourse


Practical Progress - December 11th 2011

Following the vote by the church and the PCC resolution for an extension to the church, the Building Project Group has met to progress the plans. The Group is working with the architects on questions around the design and clarifying the costings. We will be moving towards a Pledging and Giving Weekend, early in the new year.


Church Vote Outcome - November 2011

The voting looked like this:


I believe St. Andrew’s should build a permanent replacement for Southside
  Yes No Abstained
      360 12 7
  Supposing that St. Andrew’s does build a permanent replacement for Southside,
I believe it should be…
      313 37 10

The PCC met and decided that:
“In the light of the overwhelming support expressed by the church family for a permanent replacement for Southside as an integrated extension to the church building, PCC recommend that the building project moves onto the next stage. More research should be carried out in preparation for obtaining planning permission and an active plan for a pledge weekend should be produced as soon as possible."


Church Vote - November 6th 2011

On Sunday November 6th, members of St Andrew's voted on the proposals to build an extension to replace the temporary "Southside".

> Read some questions and answers about the vote.

PCC Prayer - Monday 31st October and the week leading up to 6th November

The PCC invited all members of the St Andrew's church family to join in a day of prayer about the proposals for a building project.

Architects' Update Meeting - October 2011

Following the church meeting, with the architects and the quantity surveyor, there are several ways you can catch up or review:

> Watch a "walk-through" video, illustrating how the proposed extension might look


> Look at the newly revised plans: ground floor and first floor


> Review the presentation given by the architects on 17th October (the newly revised plans are shown on pages 10 and 11)


> Listen to the recording of the meeting, with explanations by the architect and the quantity surveyor, and with questions and answers from the floor (you might want to look at the presentation slides while you listen)


> Meanwhile, why not join in the conversation on the church forum? The new forum for this autumn's thread is called "Building Project Forum", so that is the place for your comments on the current plans.

> The Building Project Group would still be happy to hear from you directly.
Please send your opinions and suggestions to us using building.infoATstandrewsoxford.org (you must replace the AT with a curly @ symbol).
Or write to us care of the Parish Office. Or talk to anyone in the Project Group.

Update on praying about the New Building Project - Oct 2011

The next month is a important one in the life of our church:

The key dates

- Monday 10th October: PCC meeting to discuss the architects plans for the building.

- Monday 17th October: church meeting to discuss the revised plans

- Sunday 6th November: the church vote

- Monday 14th November: PCC meeting to consider the results of the vote


All of this needs to be covered with prayer. Here are some ways you could be involved in praying:


Daily prayer

We would like to encourage everyone to pray the Lord’s prayer, with the building project and the church in mind, daily from 10th Oct -14th November.

You may like to pray at a particular time each day, for example midday (set your phone to remind you!).

This should only take a minute but it is a way of surrendering our wills to God's and reminding ourselves that this is his church not ours.



We could pray like this: ( Matthew chapter 6 v 9-13)

Our father in heaven – thank you Lord that you are the father of us all and father of this church.

Hallowed be your name – thank you Lord that you are sovereign and majestic.

Your kingdom come – we pray for your kingdom to come in our hearts, in our church and in our parish.

Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven – we pray that your will, not our will, is done in your church. We pray that your will, not our will, is done in the building project. We commit it to you.

Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us – Lord forgive us for any way we have hurt you or hurt each other during this process. We forgive anyone who has hurt us.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one – Lord, we pray for your protection over this whole project.


Update on the New Building Project - Sept 2011

This September, the whole church is considering the proposed building plans. The designs are displayed in church and on this website, so do have a good look and think about how this might work.


There was a questionnaire online.


The building group is looking carefully at all the responses, and will use them to revise the designs in early October.


Click these quick links to see the summer 2011 documents:

> the posters
> the presentation from summer 2011 (floor plans are shown on page 7)
> the brief
> the massing diagrams, helpfully showing how a new extension might look in the context of its surroundings (new build shown in colour)

Update on the New Building Project - July 2011 (more)

Initial proposals for an extension are now on display at the back of the church and in the Parish Room. These illustrate the process, from the brief via concept diagrams to the current proposals.
You can download the same posters, as well as the more detailed slides that our architects have presented to the PCC.
Over the summer and throughout September, we are consulting with the church family and house groups and more widely, to collect suggestions and comments on these initial plans. This will lead up to a church vote in October, on whether and/or how to proceed.

Ways you can have your say, over the summer:
> complete the questionnaire online [this survey is now closed - please send us your thoughts by email]

> email us your views at building.info@standrewsoxford.org

> or contact any member of the Building Project Group


Update on the New Building Project - July 2011

The architects have been working with the brief, the feedback from the consultation and the space available, to produce layouts of their detailed proposals for our church extension. A first set of drawings has been shown to the PCC and the Staff meeting for their initial reactions and suggestions. The Standing Committee and the PCC have approved the drawings for consultation, which will take place over the summer and into September.

One outcome of the first consultation is a collection of "Questions and Answers" about aspects of the project. Look at the "Questions & Answers" here, or collect a printed copy after a Sunday service or from the Parish Office.

Look at the revised version of the Building Brief here. Visit the architects' own website (MEB Design Ltd.) showing some of their previous work.


Update on the New Building Project - June 2011

May has been feedback month on the Building Project, and there has been plenty of feedback from groups and individuals. Members of the Building Project Group visited nearly all the home groups and heard from most of the youth and children’s groups. People have been considering carefully the possibilities and the implications of building an extension.
It’s not too late to write or speak to any member of the Building Project Group, or to send your feedback via the parish office, with opinions, concerns and suggestions.
At the “Meet the Architects evening” on 6th June, MEB Design Ltd introduced themselves, their experience and ethos, and took wide-ranging questions from the 68-strong congregation. Look at the MEB Design Ltd company brochure.


Update on the New Building Project - May 2011

  • Members of the Building Project Group spoke at the recent APCM, outlining where the project currently stands and showing a video to illustrate some of the needs for space and accommodation
  • The project brief document (this is very much a working document) and the slides from the presentation can be read on the church website, or on paper on request from the church office
  • Consultation on the project brief is until 30th May – in person, by letter or by email to members of the group or via the church office
  • Members of the Building Project Group will soon be visiting home groups and other groups (please invite us!) to collect views and feedback on the provisions of the brief
  • On 6th June 7.30pm there will be a chance to meet the architect MEB, ask questions and give any additional feedback regarding the brief
The booklet accompanying the presentation given at the APCM can be downloaded here


Update on the New Building Project - April 2011


Work has been going on behind the scenes, exploring ways forward for a possible new building at St Andrew’s.
  • The PCC is committed to replacing Southside with a permanent building, and has asked the re launched Building Project Group to take this onward
  • The revised project brief is a working document that we are using with the our new architects (MEB Design Ltd) whilst we seek feedback from the congregation: we welcome all comments that help us build a better building
  • We are working on a presentation about the project, to give at the APCM, and that will be a good time for questions about the work so far and where we can go from here